Travel - BigRock


Sometimes, in order not to stay in the comfort zone,
you just need to get out of the comfort zone.

We have been accustomed every day to living a life of limitations, of unrealized dreams, of "sooner or later I will go there."
We have been used to thinking that there are impossible things, out of our reach.

We imagined two trips to break these preconceptions.
Trips designed for creative people. To break out of the box, out of museums, out of the comfort zone.
These are journeys that leave a mark: they create awareness of oneself, one's tools and potential.
And they will forever brand the heart.


To discover film, animation and advertising production studios.


Where art collects studios for games production, vr and advertising.


An adventure trip exploring the American West.




Let's go find out how dreams are created.

BigTours in London and Paris are developed around studio visits.

We manage to get the doors of the most important companies to open for us to tell us how they work, how they are structured, how they recruit. Because entering the art industry is itself an art, and you have to be able to show your qualities to the best of your ability.

At the end of the visits, we organize an evening with BigRockers living in London or Paris to have them tell us about their experience. To pass on impressions, advice while having dinner or over a beer.
There is no better time to realize that anything is possible, with the right passion and commitment.




To find one's way, one must first get lost.

Dreams should have no limits. That is why we decided to look for them where limits do not exist.
We got a journey out of it, which leaves an indelible image in the eyes and an incredible mark in the heart.

The BigTour is a unique, life-changing experience for people.
From Italy we only book the outbound and return plane.
We only know where we will land and where we will leave from. Period.

14 days, more than 4,000 kilometers between deserts and endless roads

Up to 10 Jeeps, in a caravan, to learn how a group works and functions

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, discovering boundless vistas