Showcase - BigRock


Dreams are wishes.

In BigRock, dreams come true, you know? We give you skills and passion, and you bring all your drive and thirst for knowledge discover those who have experienced BigRock before you.



Dreams come true

For more than 15 years, BigRock has been training generations of artists. Some sooner, some later, most get to realize their dream: to see their name in the credits of a movie, a game, a TV series.

Every time a title with the name of a BigRocker comes out, we update this list. And we do it really quite often.



We want to tell you a story

Each Mentor has been a BigRocker, selected from hundreds of past trainees, is charismatic, passionate about their work.

Each has a strong understanding of the dynamics of production and is able to bring their experiences and techniques to the classroom, transmitting the spark that will forever change the life of a BigRocker.




Stories from BigRockers

Each master's degree required a final thesis, a production simulation that tests students' skills.

Thesis making requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, but in the end you can admire the result of your work.



The Best of the Best

The REDs are a group chosen from among the best in the Master's program in Computer Graphics, Concept Art, Videogames, Coding and Sound Production: a collection of different talents who distinguished themselves during the six-month course by out-of-the-ordinary skills and a strong aptitude for teamwork.