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Customized courses for businesses and individuals in pure BigRock style

The intensive course and team experiences, mean that for 20 years BigRock continues to be the first reference school in the Computer Graphics scene in Italy, especially for students concluding a high school or university education.
Therefore, we thought of introducing a series of and activities specifically aimed at professionals and companies, who need to add skills to their curriculum, train new departments or simply do team building activities in pure BigRock style.
Educational paths with flexible duration, in presence or online, custom-designed for the professional or company
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"Tailor made" courses for companies and individuals


Learn new tools and improve your skills


Have a different team building experience


With its themed classrooms, state-of-the-art technology, as well as common areas where you can relax, BigRock is the perfect place for your full immersion in the course!
Upon request, we can also provide you with contact information of affiliated facilities to spend the night near our campus.
If you cannot afford to come all the way here, however, we can arrange for your personalized course in distance learning.
Seize the opportunity to kick your business into high gear, in true BigRock style!
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