Our campus

a campus surrounded by greenery

There are a lot of factors that contribute to making BigRock the ideal place to begin your journey into the world of entertainment.
Our campus, including housing, restaurants and the school, is located in the middle of the Veneto countryside, on a farm estate surrounded by vineyards.
It is an idyllic place to study, surrounded by nature and without the constant distractions that a crowded city center can bring.
Staying on our campus therefore means being able to experience BigRock well beyond the eight hours of school, but in a stimulating and creative environment in three hundred and sixty degrees: ideal for creating unforgettable memories.

2 buildings

Alpha Headquarters

Between Nature and Metal.

Bravo Headquarters

Cement and Nature.


The structure of the Alpha headquarters is a veritable labyrinth.
Every corridor, every corner is designed to be discovered as you walk through the school.
The walls are totally made of wood, beams and ceilings of aluminum and iron, beautiful plants sprout at every corner.
Everything in perfect harmony.


An 80s arcade to feel just like in one of the many movies we grew up with.
But in our booths you can't play Pac-Man or Space Invaders... but games made by the students and RED of the Master in Videogames program.


Like a real school, we have the art lab.
To paint, draw or sculpt plasticine, surrounded by dozens of maquettes, to be inspired by past artists.
A place where nothing and no one can distract creativity.


Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in order to best support each student's creativity.
We use iMac technology for the Master's program in Concept Art, and students also have access to a 27″ Wacom Cintiq and a 12″ Apple iPad Pro with Doodroo paperfeel films.


The Bravo headquarters was built to house everything that stands out from normal everyday classroom life.
The original envelope of the farm estate with concrete walls inside and large windows overlooking the majestic vineyards-a perfect space that connects nature and technology.
The Bravo headquarters houses staff offices, the Studios, the Store, a cafeteria and a huge cinema.


The Waibar is the exclusive cafeteria for BigRock teachers and staff. A place to get together and team up over coffee or in front of a plate of pasta.
The cafeteria can easily transform into a catering/event bar if needed.


A multifunctional hall, with 200 semi-movable seats and a separate control room.
Here we have meetings or presentations to the school, host events, workshops, video conferences with alumni... but most importantly we watch movies in the evening.


In the store you can buy campus merchandise. From t-shirts and sweatshirts, bags and purses, mugs... but also posters and student thesis artbooks.


Doing sports for those who spend a lot of time at the computer is most important. That's why the campus is equipped with everything you may need to keep moving and cultivate friendships by playing outdoors.


Skateboards & rollerblades

tennis & padel

Beach volleyball

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