Funding and facilities

Step By Step


Pre-register for free and without obligation for one of the masters.


Complete the enrollment
Confirm your enrollment by sending us the PDF contract that you received at the email:, making sure to have it filled out and signed in its entirety, except for the withdrawal form that you will find on the last page.


Apply for funding
Initiate the loan application on Intesa San Paolo's website
in the "For Merit" section, indicating H-FARM as the referring institution and using the matriculation number on the contract you signed.
PLEASE NOTE: The loan can only be granted if requested before the start of the Master's program.

Become a dreamer today,
think about the costs tomorrow

Thanks to the collaboration with Intesa SanPaolo, Master's students will be able to obtain two different types of credit facilities that have advantageous economic conditions: repayment begins one year after completion of the Master's program, so you have time to put everything you've learned here to good use and enter the world of work.

Fully funds

Use the funding to cover the full cost of enrollment in the Master's course you prefer *

extra help

Do you need to stay close to the school? Use the remaining credit to pay for part of your housing or other expenses you will incur during the Master's program.

The Guarantor is us

The loan will be in your name, without the need for your family to guarantee for you.

you start paying back after a year

You have 12 months from the date of disbursement to use the credit line, after which you will start an additional 12-month "bridge period" designed to give you time to roll up your sleeves to find a job!
After that you will have to start repaying, according to the terms you will have agreed upon in filal!

* Funding is only available for the Master's in Computer Graphics (in-person), Master's in Concept Art, Master's in Videogames, Master's in Sound Production, and Master's in Coding

What exposures can I apply for?

Two options available.
12.500 €

Master Only

The overdraft will enable you to cover your master's tuition and contribute to the cost of housing, should you plan to take advantage of accommodation outside the H-Farm group.
15.000 €

H-Farm Master & Accommodation

The overdraft will allow you to fully cover both the master's tuition and housing expenses (provided this is one of those provided by H-Farm) plus a small cushion for all other expenses.

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