Parties - BigRock


Save and turn off your computers, it's time to have fun!

Parties at BigRock have been a tradition for dozens of generations of students.

They are not normal parties; they always have a specific theme. Above all, they are meant to bring people together in times of healthy friendship and fun.

Where in common are not only school desks.



It's the perfect time to build empathy among students and make groups.


Always themed parties. It is the best way to break the monotony.


Optional...but highly recommended! The perfect outline for your experience.





Because it's great to get to know each other right away

The Ice Breaking Party happens during the very first days of the course: a sign with your name on it and a glass of prosecco or a glass of beer in your hand!

There is nothing better to discover that you have many passions in common and begin friendships that will last a lifetime.




Because 6:30 p.m. on Fridays is holy!

After the last minute of the day spent with delivery anxieties, it's time to turn off the computer and officially start the weekend!

Let's celebrate over a spritz the end of the week and meet again on Monday!




Why country never goes out of style

An American-style school, where English is also spoken in the classrooms, where trips to the United States are made... it could not fail to have a country-style party!

A small country fair, where students can sell whatever they want. The currency of exchange? BigDollars, of course!




Because we have too much fun dressing up

Halloween night is always a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run wild and come up with creative disguises and tricks!

The ultimate party if you are enrolled in the Winter Master's program! 

A special celebration, you just have to experience it!




Because at heart we are all NERDs

Classrooms full of computers, a hall with four big screens, a cinema for dancing...

Every now and then the school lights up at night for video game-themed parties.
Only rule for getting in? Wear a funny hat!




Because stories and movies are part of us

Let the smell of popcorn envelop you, our BigCinema is waiting to experience movie nights with you with cult films and new releases.

Get comfortable and enjoy the show!