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BigRock has been training the next generation of artists in computer graphics, digital drawing, video games, new technologies and entertainment music for over 18 years.

Always committed to bringing our expertise online, we are constantly offering new courses to be taken from the comfort of home, with the same quality of instruction as in-person classes.
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Computer Graphics Online

3D animation and VFX for film and TV

6 months

Learn from ZERO in just six months to juggle Computer Graphics, creating models, 3D animations and visual effects for film, TV series but also advertising, photorealistic rendering and prototyping. The counterpart to the in-person Master's in Computer Graphics, but redesigned for distance education, with the help of Holodeck.

March 11, 2024

40Seats Available


Computer graphics English Online

3D Animation and VFX for cinema and TV

6 months

Learn from ZERO in just six months the techniques to craft 3D models and animations, ready for movies, tv shows but also advertising, render and prototype as well. Want to attend BigRock but you cannot reach Italy? We are ready to come to you!

March 11, 2024

20 Avaiable Seats