Fraternities - BigRock


Individual and collective growth

What better opportunity to grow?
Thanks to fraternities, everyone can show their originality while having the strength of the group behind them. Each with its own characteristics, each with its own mottos, united for one choice: to make a difference!

Each fraternity has already democratically and wisely chosen a mayor and vice-mayor who will carry the burdens and honors of the entire group.
The goal is to bring about healthy competition among the various "houses" by winning valuable points that will allow them to get to the "Master's Cup" which will be the first in BigRock history and displayed in the entry throughout the next master's program.

The challenges will sometimes be fun, sometimes challenging, but in the end what counts is the commitment and passion that everyone will put into the competition.
And then remember: fraternities are not just about parties and fun, but also an opportunity to develop soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership and communication.

And if you're the type who likes to do good for the community, Bigrock even offers you the chance to sponsor your fraternity's parties.

Ready to give it your all?


"Per Aspera ad Astra"


"Jack, Horse and RED"


"Hic sunt Leones"

House XI

"When in doubt you BEVEL"


"Living la vida in loca"


"We are the new doctrine, in the name of the father, the Lily and the Palace."