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14 weeks

PYTHON 1 and 2

Explore the powerful world of programming with Python! This versatile and intuitive programming language is perfect for those starting from scratch, but it also offers a wide range of possibilities for IT professionals.

This course will guide you through the fundamentals of Python; you will learn how to create programs, manipulate data, and automate processes. With Python you can program robots, analyze data, create artificial intelligence and much more.

The job possibilities with Python are endless, with opportunities in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and even artificial intelligence. Join us and get ready to open the door to a career full of challenges and excitement in the broad field of computer science!



Explore the power of machine learning with our course on Machine Learning!

You will learn how to use algorithms and models to teach computers to derive insights from huge data sets. With Machine Learning you can create predictive models, analyze complex data, automate processes, and even develop advanced artificial intelligences.

This rapidly growing field offers a wide range of job opportunities; you can become a machine learning engineer, a data scientist, or even an artificial intelligence developer.

Join us for this course and prepare to be part of a future where machines learn to think and make autonomous decisions, opening new frontiers in computing and exciting new career opportunities.


Master all the unlimited potential of machine learning even "deeper" with our cosrso of Deep Learning!

You'll learn how to create deep neural networks to solve complex tasks; you'll tackle challenges such as image recognition, natural language processing, autonomous driving, robotics and more. The implementation of Deep Learning is revolutionizing many industries, such as healthcare, industrial automation and data analytics.

Join us and get ready to open the door to an exciting work future where your skills in Deep Learning can make a difference in the evolution of artificial intelligence.

UNITY C# 1 and 2

Enter the world of game development with our computer science course in Unity C#! Unity is a powerful framework that allows you to create games and interactive applications.

You will learn how to use the C# programming language to develop engaging games, realistic simulations, and interactive experiences.

The job possibilities with Unity are endless, with opportunities in video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and even virtual training. Join us and get ready to turn your passion for games into an exciting career where you can create immersive and fun experiences for audiences around the world.


Explore the future of Mixed Reality in our advanced course!

Mixed Reality combines the real world with virtual elements, opening new frontiers for entertainment, education and digital interaction. With our course, you will gain skills to develop immersive applications using technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

Job opportunities in Mixed Reality are constantly growing, with opportunities in entertainment, architecture, design, corporate training and more.

Join us and get ready to embrace a cutting-edge career where you can create immersive experiences that will change the way people interact with the digital world. Be ready to make your mark in Mixed Reality!


Explore the foundations of web development with our course in HTML e CSS!

HTML and CSS are the essential building blocks for successful websites. With our course, you will acquire the skills needed to create attractive and functional web pages.

Job opportunities in the field of HTML and CSS are vast, with opportunities as a front-end developer, web designer, usability specialist, and more. Whether you want to work for an agency, a company, or start your own business, our course will provide you with a solid foundation for an exciting career in the world of web development.

Join us and get ready to turn your passion for the web into a lasting professional opportunity.


Explore the web's most popular programming language with our advanced JavaScript course!

JavaScript is a powerful resource for developing interactive and dynamic web applications. With our course, you will learn how to create advanced functionality, manage real-time data, and interact with users. The job possibilities with JavaScript are endless, with opportunities as a front-end developer, full-stack developer, mobile app developer, and more.

Companies in every industry require JavaScript skills to create engaging user experiences and innovative applications. Join us and get ready for career opportunities in the field of web development, where your skills in JavaScript will open the door to a professional future filled with success and satisfaction.


Discover the powerful marriage of JavaScript and databases in our specialized course! You'll delve into using JavaScript to interact with databases using the SQL language to manage data effectively.

This course will open the door to a wide range of job possibilities for you, as a back-end developer, data engineer or data analyst. Skills in the use of JavaScript and SQL are in high demand in industry, enabling you to work on complex data management projects, advanced web applications or intelligent business solutions.

Join us and prepare for opportunities in an ever-expanding field where your ability to manipulate and manage data will be the springboard to a successful career in information technology.


Explore the unlimited potential of video game development with our course in Unreal!

Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful and popular game engines in the world, and with our course you will learn how to use its visual scripting system called Blueprint to create engaging games by applying computer logic, but without the need to write code.

The job opportunities within Unreal Engine are amazing, with opportunities as game developers, level designers, 3D artists and more. The video game industry is constantly growing and offers a wide range of career opportunities.

Join us and make a MetaHuman equipped with real artificial intelligence. Get ready to be part of an exciting and dynamic field, where your skills in using Unreal Engine will open the door to a world of exciting job possibilities.



Enter the world of electronics and theInternet of Things by entering BigWave's lab.

In this course you will learn how to program a Raspberry Pi and use this powerful microcomputer to create innovative and interactive projects. From controlling smart home devices to robotics, the Raspberry Pi offers endless job possibilities. With our course, you will gain skills in Python programming to control the Raspberry and develop custom solutions. Whether you want to work in automation, IoT, or electronics, our course will provide you with a solid foundation to pursue an exciting career in electrical engineering.

Join us and get ready to bring your ideas to life, turning your passion for technology into a successful career in the world of innovation.


Class X

1 week

Compare yourself with a real customer

Class X is an individual or team contest: a week-long challenge where you will be called upon to fulfill an external client's brief. A race against time: 40 hours to imagine and execute a concept for a major external company. You get to not only interact with a real-life stakeholder with certain needs, but also a chance to showcase yourself with a possible future employer.


6 weeks

Learn to work as a team

The last six weeks of the course are devoted to the thesis project. A cross-master's job that involves all the students of the school in the creation of a short film and a video game. Face together with your classmates a real production simulation: you will work on the front line on daily tasks, assigned according to your skills, under the supervision of your teachers. The project will then be presented to the public on the last day of school and participate in festivals around the world.



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