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The school of the future is today

In an era of digital revolution, we are trying to understand the future of education, trapped today between notions handed down through generations and the new systems of use, which allow instant access to information.

To create a meeting point between the old and the new, to project the school's culture and values from the past to the future, the Holodeck project was born.

Teleportation, Mr Scott!

Holodeck was born from the imagery of the Star Trek universe, the science fiction television series that tells of the adventures of the spaceship Enterprise, in its constant discovery of the universe.
Just inside the spaceship there is a special room, called the 'holodeck', which can transform the environment around those who enter it into any point in the universe.

A virtual world, like in Oasis.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of virtual reality technologies, we were able to create a proprietary system that allowed multiple viewers to share the same space. This allowed us to bypass one of the most important shortcomings of VR, isolation.
In this way, users can share the same virtual world, perceiving each other. Just like in Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg's latest film.

Technology and education

It's time to learn, grow up.

Holodeck relies on virtual reality visor technology and wireless connection to allow students to share the same digital space.

It is therefore possible to follow lessons in any subject, augmented by 3D animation.

Interact with
virtual reality.

Thanks to hand recognition, students can touch and grasp virtual objects, pass them to each other, interact with panels or complete exercises and tests.

The teacher is always in control of everything.

The teacher, thanks to a special panel, can check the progress of the lesson, pause to answer questions, observe what each student is looking at at that moment.

He enters Holodeck from home too.

In the remote version, Holodeck allows students to share the same virtual classroom space, each at home.
Each student can interact with classmates, talk to the teacher or take tests, just as if they were at school.

Go back in time.

Each lesson in Holodeck can be recorded, allowing the student to relive it in 'ghost' mode, going back and forth via a special panel.

Holodeck is already a reality.


The Holodeck project is already up and running not only at BigRock for Master's classes, but also for H-FARM's international schools, presented as a true immersive laboratory for learning more about classical subjects.

Your future starts here. Take the first step.