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In our nearly 20 years of existence, we have decided that we are not just an institution, but we create careers and memorable stories. Not just for our short films or video games, but stories of real people, united together by their passions and aptitudes, with the common goal of giving the artists of the future all the tools they need to be able to bring their imaginations to life.


A school for creatives who have a desire to change the world, not stopping at just imagination but creating real projects that inspire future generations.


In our institute there are several teams involved in research and development to constantly improve and update the educational proposal. In addition to the REDs are the Avengers, a team dedicated to the discovery of tools in Artificial Intelligence to serve the 3D Artists of the future.


We pledge to translate our concern for the environment into concrete initiatives and to share this value, especially today when our Planet is in desperate need of protection to continue offering its beauty and hospitality to future generations.


For almost 20 years we have been training the digital artists and programmers of the future. We care so much about our BigRockers that we have dedicated a space in our headquarters to them, the "Wall of Fame." A collection of all the movies, TV series and video games in which our former students are featured.


Every day we work to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This principle guides our daily work and helps us train ethical and successful professionals.
Talk in Hfarm by BigRock Founder Marco Savini

"The future does not come suddenly."

Marco Savini

Founder & CEO - BigRock

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