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Master in Computer Graphics English Version

March 7th 2022 / 16 Available Seats

Master CG ENG

March 7th 2022
16 Available Seats

Master in Computer Graphics English Version

6 Months / Visual Effects for Movies and TV – 3D Animation


The path to become
a top 3D Artist
starts from here.

The Master in Computer Graphics is an intensive, life changing training course with the finial aim to grow yourself as an autonomous 3D artist for visual effects and animation.

The Master’s program will give you a wide spectrum of skills in order to enter the industry with a varied range of options. From movies to TV series, advertising, photorealistic renderings, prototyping and design, projections.

No knowledge of any software or artistic skills are required. What we ask from our students is a deep passion for what they will study, commitment, trust and willing to put themselves at stake.
We’ll take care of the rest!

The program is based on a real 3D feature film production, to start immediately your career inside top class studios.
Apply your skills into many different production fields, like advertising, render, prototyping and more.
The program starts from zero. No previous skills required.

One brick
upon another.

Course Curriculum

The program is 21 weeks long, divided into 2 periods: 14 weeks of training plus Class X and 6 weeks of thesis.

The lesson system is “American style”: during every week of the training session you will learn a different subject inspired by production steps in a real 3D animation studio.

You will learn the correct methods and gain self autonomy on progress day by day.
We don’t care about teaching softwares menu after menu, because it’s you yourself who will make the difference with what you learned so far.

Training / 14 Weeks
Class X / 1 Week
Break / 3 Weeks
Thesis / 6 Weeks
Maya Intro
Introduction to Autodesk Maya. We learn to handle the interface and base tools through simple exercises.
Modeling 1.0
Getting deeper with Maya modelling. We’ll discover new techniques to improve speed and process with inorganic models.
Introducing Substance Painter with its unique texturing system. We’ll learn how to give colour and details to models trough the use of brushes, bump and proper lighting.
ZBrush 1.0
We’ll discover the modelling principles in ZBrush through the composition of primitive volumes. Learning the topology rules and UV creation.
Compositing 1.0
Getting into the unlimited potential of After Effects. We’ll learn how to use masks and keyframes, adjustment layers and motion graphics.
Animation 1.0
Introducing the 12 principles of traditional animation. We’ll learn how to experiment with curves and keyframes.
Rig 1.0
Learning how to create a proper character and prop rig with the use of correct control systems.
Rig 2.0
Getting advanced with complex control systems inside a character.
Animation 2.0
Advanced character animation: from walking cycles to real acting.
Character Design
We’ll discover how a character pre-production works, learning first to properly draw it, then sculpting with plastiline.
We’ll learn the advanced Substance Painter tools, applying some photography fundamentals to lights and final render in Arnold.
Advanced ZBrush. We’ll learn how the most important brushes work and how to make a correct retopo of a model for Maya.
Character Finaling
We’ll sculpt a human model basing on photo references. We’ll make a retopo of that and finalise the job in Maya adding dress and fur.

Challenge yourself

Class X

The Class X is a team contest: a week-long challenge during which our students are asked to meet an external client’s brief.
It is a race against time: 40 hours to imagine, set up and create a commercial, an animation, a render.

It’s not easy to put a team together, to optimise the process.
Moreover as long as you “work” for the school, you don’t have the right motivation.

That’s why the client is a famous company. To give our students not only a real interlocutor with certain needs, but the opportunity to relate with a future employer.

Welcome to BigRock


Nel mezzo della campagna veneta, a BigRock vivrai un’esperienza formativa a 360 gradi.
In the middle of the Venetian countryside, your will live a 360 experience.

Our campus, a 6000sqm rural estate, will welcome you with exclusive accommodations, avant-garde classrooms, student-tailored workstations, labs, common spaces, sport fields and a wide courtyard where you can relax under the biggest sky you’ve ever seen.

Classrooms and Labs
Where magic happens. Wide spaces designed to host you during the day and express your art at high level.

Cinema and Offices
For an animation and visual effects school a big cinema is a must have. Here we host events, conferences, workshops… or just having some gorgeous cinema nights.

For the jumbo events like our career days, game fairs or the glamorous prom night.

Living and accommodation
An area designed to host the students while not at school. Live your BigRocker life literally a stone’s throw from the school.

Gym (coming soon)
As wisemen say: Mens sana in corpore sano. Made for the students who want to create things at school and take care of their body in the spare time.

Market & Food (coming soon)
Everything you need to live (and more) inside the campus.


The class is full time.
From Monday to Friday, 9:30AM to 6:30PM with mandatory frequency. You’re going to deal with industry office rhythm and face tons of exercises and team challenges, for six months!
There is no homework. We want you to optimise your job during the school time and relax during breaks or at the end of the day.


Every student of the Master in Computer Graphics will have an iMac workstation. As Apple Certified School, we can renovate all our computers every year to let you work on the latest model in commerce.
For the most artistic themes, in addition, you will be provided of a Wacom tablet.


Every student at BigRock sits on an ergonomic Herman Miller chair, the best on the market. The desks are custom designed and entirely made in wood. Every classroom can host 16 students max, followed by 3 mentors per room.

Art Lab

An entire floor of our building is dedicated to sculpture arts. There you can evade from the daily traffic of the aisles and create beautiful maquettes.

Arcade Room

We’re deeply NERDs… so having a retro game room is a must. Our arcades are special: here you can play only the games made by our students!


We have a large dining room, where you can bring and heat up your food. Otherwise there are many affiliated restaurants not far from our campus: from pizzeria to starred chefs.


A 200 seats screening room dedicated on hosting events, conferences, workshops… or amazing cinema nights!


Here you can find and shop a whole world of BigRock IMT merchandising.


Studying among the nature means no distraction from big cities and chilling on fresh air at every break.

A 3000 sqm garden at your disposal, to play frisbee under an enormous sky.

Living in BigRock


At least 90% of BigRock students comes from outside the region. And even who lives not so far prefers to have a complete Master experience, staying with the schoolmates.

In the years we’ve been developing accommodation solutions for our students, some of them directly inside our campus. Our affiliated restaurants and our sport area will complete the experience.
You’re going to live a really intense and unique period, extremely formative if it’s going to be your first experience outside home as well.

Contact us now to discover all the solutions we’ve prepared for you.

Grow without losing your creativity.

Student work

During the training session you’re going to face many exercises, with increasing difficulty, focused on learning the correct production methods.

These exercises are divided into two phases: first, we’re going to ask you to repeat all the steps shown by your tutor, then you’re going to make a personalised work starting from a common base.

The final result will be truly yours, with your creativity and imagination inside and will receive the feedbacks from the mentor.
Moreover at the end of the course you will collect all the exercises made into your first real portfolio, unique among the others.

The final
team race.


During the last six weeks of the course our students will be focused on a group job, in symbiosis with Master Art and Game.
The perfect simulation of a real studio, where there are no classrooms but departments, each one with its own task.
A single goal: to tell a story, with the best quality as possible.

Every student will be assigned to a specific department, basing on the skills shown during the course. Every department will work close one to another, like a real production, to make a full 3D short movie.
The short, if completed, will be presented on the last day of school and then sent to animation festivals around the world.

Teamwork with Master Art and Game
Production simulation with daily tasks
Festival ready short movie
Making a high quality short movie in just six weeks is a race against time. Discover the gigantic work behind a thesis.
In addition to the short, an illustrated art book will be made with in collaboration with the students of the Master in Concept Art.

Making the difference


Rely on reality for volumes, lights, movements is the first thought for an artist. Most of the times that’s exactly what is required inside a production contest.

That’s why we care about placing alongside every theme in the program a realistic experience: a propedeutical moment to the computer exercises.

Focusing on your perception of the reality
Improving your view of details
Working on your social and soft skills


Thanks to a few basic basics of drawing, you’ll be able to craft your first maquette.

By sculpting the plastiline you can understand proportions and volumes.
It will then be easier to model in 3D.

Real life anatomy

Before we model a human body in 3D, we make a photo session with a professional model.

We try to focus on every detail of the pose, in order to model a realistic character then.


The best animation is when a character behaves exactly like a human.

That’s why we record our bodies while acting and use them as reference in animation process.


We enter inside our proprietary multi presence VR system to get deeper in some particular themes during the program. It gets easier to understand the anatomy of a body or the movements of a dragon if you find it in front of yourself.

Motion Capture

Thanks to a suit full of sensors, we can track a person’s movement and transfer the animation into a 3D character.
It’s called MoCap and it looks like magic.

Trips (not mandatory)

During the half course break we love to travel around the world.
We’ll discover how close we are to the entertainment industry or how gorgeous is losing ourselves in the desert.

Events and Parties

It seems an opposite thing to the job world.
But working on social skills with your classmates empowers empathy and teamwork.
So yes, having fun together is absolutely mandatory. And our parties are often unforgettable moments.

Stories about dreamers


Our mission is to train the next generations of artists, giving a complete skillset and cultivating the ability to work in a team for all the course duration: these will be fundamental requirements once approaching the industry.

Hundreds of graduates have changed their life in this way, and now are working all around the world, realising their dreams aon various levels.
Here are some examples.

Nicolas Valente

Compositing, Rise VFX

Lisa Zanellati

Groom, Jellyfish Pictures

Francesco Rosati

Texture, Pixomondo

Emanuela Achilli

Environment, The Mill

Master in Computer Graphics English Version

March 7th 2022

16 Available Seats

6 Months
8000€ (Italian VAT excluded)
Minimum Requirements
Not Available

16 Available Seats

1. Pre-Enrolment
The Pre-Enrolment is not binding. It assumes that you’re interested in our course. Collecting these datas lets us predict how many potential students are enrolling.
By clicking the button “Apply” you will be redirected to an online form to be filled with all your data.
However the Pre-Enrollment is not confermative. Your seat in the next class won’t be held unless we receive the confirmation of the enrolment.
2. Confirmation
After filling and forwarding the online form you’ll receive an enrol agreement.
Sign it and send it back to us by e-mail, attaching the bank transfer receipt of an anticipation to the course price (40% of the amount, Italian taxes included).
3. You’re officially a rookie BigRocker
It could take some hours to process your enrolment. Once you’ll receive our confirmation of enrolment, you’re in!
We are waiting for you on the first day of school, 9:30 AM, ready to start a new adventure together!
You’re interested in the course but want to see the place? Book a private visit at the campus: a member of our staff will be at your disposal to show you the school and answer your questions.
We often open the doors to the next dreamers who want to discover BigRock, before choosing to change their life with us. Come in!
That’s the course you’re looking for but need some other informations? Take a look at our Q&A or contact us!