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21 weeks

Maya Intro

Introduction to Autodesk Maya.

We learn, through gradually more complicated exercises, how to manage the interface and tools of the software.

Post Production

Let’s learn about Photoshop and its endless capabilities for retouching static images.

Texturing & Shading

We introduce Substance Painter and its unique system of creating textures using brushes, bump and lighting.

Animation 1.0

We learn the 12 principles of traditional animation and begin to experiment with them in 3D with curves and keyframes.

Visual Effects

We discover the basic tools of After Effects: masks, layers, animation keys very useful for approaching motion graphics and compositing.

Character Design

We discover some simple tricks to draw a character aimed at 3D animation and reproduce it in plasticine.

Modeling 1.0

We delve deeper into modeling tools in Maya, with a closer and more conscious look at topology.

Animation 2.0

Advanced character animation, from walking cycles to actual acting.


We learn how to create a complete control system for the movement of characters and props.

Cloth Making

We exploit the potential of Marvelous Designer to create fantastic clothes and learn how to manage their dynamic movements once worn by characters.

Lighting & Render

We discover the advanced tools of Substance Painter, applying the fundamentals of photography to lighting and the final render in Arnold.


We apply the notions of shading and lighting within Unreal Engine 5: the most widely used photorealistic real-time render engine in film and virtual production.


Pure ZBrush. We learn how to sculpt a digital model using the software’s most important brushes and how to properly retopologize the model for Maya.

Character Finaling

We combine everything we have learned to create a 3D character from a concept. We create its topology, textures, cloth and fur, to get to the final render.


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